Mindfully Made is an online documentary series consisting of

4 X 5-minute episodes that explore the importance of sustainability in the New Zealand fashion industry. We follow our host, Brittany Cosgrove, as she discovers the true environmental impacts of fast fashion and learns how New Zealand designers and activists respond to the challenges and opportunities of ethical fashion.

As Producer of Mindfully Made, I was able to implement my logistical skills to ensure an efficient workflow and a cohesive crew. As the central liaison between the creative team, and the client and contributors, I was able to establish strong relationships that fostered important storytelling. The process has been challenging yet fulfilling, and I am beyond excited to see Mindfully Made succeed as an educational and entertaining documentary series.

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Producers Notes - Jonathan Buenaobra
Mindfully Made


Sustainability, a word, and movement that has gained a significant foothold in recent pop-culture is a topic that is widely discussed in the media. However, somehow, the topic remains largely misconstrued in certain aspects. My intention with Mindfully Made is to produce a captivating show that provides the viewers with an improved sense of awareness and a greater understanding of sustainability, specifically in the context of Fashion within New Zealand. 


It is no secret that an environmentally conscious approach to fashion has gained substantial traction over recent years. And with the rise of sustainable clothing taking the forefront in an ever-changing industry, it is increasingly becoming more important that people gain an understanding of this often underrepresented topic. Mindfully Made’s purpose is to educate viewers about the intricacies of sustainability and navigating the shift to becoming more environmentally friendly; for individuals, businesses, and the industry alike. 


Fashion, being a major player in global consumerism, proves itself to be a powerhouse in producing and manufacturing - especially since demand for clothing has become exponential in the consumer-driven world. Consequently, this means that the fashion industry becomes a villain in the quest to becoming a more environmentally friendly society. With overproduction, the use of synthetic fibres, and the polluting of fashion crops, the fashion industry churns out waste and pollution like no one’s business. 


What strikes me the most, as I’ve said before, is that Fashion is often undermined in its role as a polluter. As part of the younger generation, I feel a huge responsibility to use my platform as a storyteller to bring awareness to issues that concern not only myself but for society as a whole. Fashion is something that is majorly overlooked when it comes to addressing present-day issues, and I hope that this investigative series will help people to be conscious of the way we partake in and contribute to a more ethical future. 


Clothing is a basic human necessity, and as humans, I believe that it’s important that we attain these needs without contributing to the worsening climate. 

At the end of the day, it is the younger generation who are feeling and will continue to feel the strain of the environmental decline. 

For me, my peers and the team members who believe in this project, using our creative talents as a vehicle for social change is of importance - not only for ourselves but for future generations to come.

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