Reserved & Restless

Model - Margaux Fevbre-Richards

Reserved and Restless is a photographic series that aims to depict the two opposing emotional

states. The photos that I have chosen to display are those that I believe perfectly encapsulate the

feeling of being silent and the feeling of being outspoken. The concept behind this series stems

from a personal journey that I have gone through as I find my own place in this world. As of recent,

I have found myself contemplating my identity, and how I should carry myself as a creative person.


When I create, I often find myself in situations where I am faced with the choice of being reserved

or restless, and often go through this internal struggle to find a voice. It has always

been a power struggle between showing my emotions, beliefs, and thoughts through my art, or

to completely separate myself from my craft.


As I grow older I realize that being outspoken and restless is a quality that makes you

stand out in a sea full of artists who create just for the sake of creating. Being restless in my own

personal identity gives me a deeper reason to keep on crafting. I find myself being less reserved -

and instead of inhibiting my identity from showing through, I proudly display my culture and my

personal identity as a testament for creating meaningful art.

As for the technical side, lighting plays a major role in the way the photograph should read. The

first photograph displays this perfectly, with the ring of light entrapping the subject within their own comfort zone.

I wanted to convey this feeling of security but knowing that you’re

surrounded by uncertainty - a nod to the saying, ignorance is bliss. The veil of light from above makes it

as though the lighting is dominant in the composition and has power over the subject. 


In the second photograph, I wanted to emphasize this feeling of overpowering the uncertainty. This is done so by having the shadow roll off her silhouette. 

The light flows naturally though her shape, organically down her silhouette.

I wanted to convey more of the energetic and dynamic feeling

of being restless, hence the reason why the subject emulates a feeling of movement

as though she is flowing naturally, an organic curve in her body to depict an ebullient atmosphere.